Baja final day

We were due to be picked up, just after lunch, at Punta Coyote, which meant that we could have a pretty easy morning.  As it was we were still away at the usual time of just gone 08.00.  It’s pretty difficult to have a lie in with these temperatures.
As it was a relatively short distance we had time to stop a couple of times and relax before our pick up. Gradually preparing ourselves for a more structured way of life.
Baja is a truly special place and although there are plans for developments in certain areas it is still possible to find solitude when traveling through the area by sea kayak.  Living in Europe it can seem that the logistics of visiting the area are pretty challenging, which at times they can be but the reality is that the experience is well worth the effort.  Start planning your winter sea kayaking trip now.
 Although we had the luxury of a late start we were still up before sunrise.  This has to be one of my favourite times of the day.  The island is Isla San Francisco, which we visited the day before.
 Heading south past the stripped cliffs.
 We had plenty of time so we pulled ashore on this long beach which was backed by some fairly tall sand dunes.
 We had plenty of time to explore the surrounding area, some of the cactus were surprisingly tall.
 Kate studying the remains of a turtle we discovered on the beach.
 Back in La Paz it was time celebrate another great trip in Baja.