Baja – a special campsite

Baja, Mexico as a sea kayaking destination first entered my consciousness in November 1983.  Derek Hutchinson showed me some photographs at the BCU Coaching Conference that month and I was intrigued.  It only took me 30 years to achieve my ambition to visit this Mexican sea paddling destination.  I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the variety of sea kayaking that I discovered in the Sea of Cortez.
 Nicky paddling along the eastern coast of Isla Danzante.  This delightful little island is not that far offshore and a circumnavigation would be a very pleasant day trip, but our ambitions lay further offshore.
 Punta Baja, the most southern point of Isla Carmen.  The two palm trees are instantly recognizable in numerous sea kayaking photographs.  This day we had the point to ourselves.  A memorable place to camp.
 There were a significant number of Pelican’s in the area, in addition to other bird life.
 As the sunset behind the Baja Peninsula the dramatic landscape was a perfect backdrop as we ate our evening meal.
 We quickly tuned into the rhythm of the day.  Up before dawn so that we could avoid paddling in the heat of the day.

 Breakfast, with part of the day’s route behind.
  We thought that our journey south may have been slowed down by strong winds, but on days like this, the miles just flew past.  Nicky is just preparing to cross back to the Baja Peninsula