An Undiscovered Gem

After over 30 years of visiting Brittany to go sea kayaking I thought that I knew many coastal areas reasonably well and some of the sections of the coast intimately. On Bank Holiday Monday we headed out from a car park which we had used possibly 50 times in the last 10 years into waters which I thought I knew as well as anywhere in Jersey.

Yet despite these frequent visits we discovered a delightful island, which we had paddled past on numerous occasions but had never bothered to land on. Access is restricted to a couple of hours either side of high water.
The views in all directions were stunning with shingle banks being revealed as the tide dropped and the inevitable Breton lighthouse on the horizon. We were unable to stay too long as the water receded but once afloat we were able to enjoy some time playing on some small tidal generated waves before we headed back.
One of the great pleasures of sea kayaking is the discovery of new destinations and it was satisfying to come across this small gem on Monday morning. I have not disclosed the exact location of this beautiful island so that if you come across this small piece of Brittany you will experience the same thrill of discovery that we did on Monday.

Looking back towards the main Breton coast.
The view north west from the small island.
The closest lighthouse to the Island. It would be possible to combine a visit to both the island and the lighthouse in the same day.
The group on the “summit” of the island.
A few small waves provided some entertaining moments.