After the blizzard its time to paddle

After the snow it was time to head out kayaking again and to see how the Island had been transformed in the matter of a couple of days.  Nicky and myself took advantage of the early morning sunshine to launch from St Brelade’s but it was obvious that the snow was already disappearing.  It was a beautiful 90 minutes out on the water, well worth the effort of digging the car out of the snow on the drive.
Nicky at St Brelade’s.  Spring tides mean long carries.
 We headed east first towards La Cotte de St Brelade.  Probably the most important archaeological site in Jersey.  
 Looking into the heart of La Cotte de St Brelade.  More than a quarter of a million artefacts have been excavated at this site, which is proving crucial to our understanding of the Palaeolithic era in northern Europe.
From here we turned west towards Pt la Moye and the granite cliffs of the south west corner of the Island.
Pt la Moye, a popular destination with fishermen, not surprisingly we had the area to ourselves today.
Once we had been able to see Corbiere, we turned and headed back towards St Brelade’s.
This is a great place to explore, on Sunday we had been scrambling and wading through the cave, which is just in front of the bow of the kayak.  Today though with a sea temperature below 7 degrees we wanted to keep as dry as possible.
 Beauport.  The 8 metre raised beach is visible at the back of the bay.  It is hard to imagine that this time last year people would have been sitting on this beautiful south facing beach.  Roll on the summer.