A-Z of Sea Kayaking

Many thanks to everybody who has purchased a copy of my e book “The A-Z of Sea Kayaking” from Amazon in the UK or from amazon.com.  It comes out at nearly 300 pages long and I wrote it initially for the Kindle but it can be read on a variety of other devices if you download the Kindle App.
I have attempted to put as much information as possible in the book about topics as varied as personalities, skills, history, equipment etc.
I know that there is something very satisfying about having a book in your hands but the e book format enables the books to be sold for less and so it is possible to buy titles which you may not have considered otherwise.
It is also a very convenient format whilst away on longer trips.  Last year we did a two week paddle through the Greek islands and on my Kindle I was able to have my reading books, the Sailing Directions, a tourist guide, ferry timetables, copies of maps and charts plus some other items all on one device smaller than a paperback book.  Ideal when space is at a premium.