A Major Inconvenience Continued

I was just beginning to think that the broken arm mentioned earlier in the week was not as serious as I first thought as the pain had disappeared when I had to pay a second visit to the hospital.  The outcome is no driving until the 20th April at the earliest and no kayaking until May at least.
Talk about frustrating.  I was due to fly to Malta for some paddling, go to Plas Y Brenin on a mountain leadership course, run a 3 Star Sea course and that’s just for starters.
It is interesting that the writing of risk assessments has entered so many aspects of our lives but who would have bothered to mention the obviously major hazard of tying stand up paddleboards onto the roof rack.  
At least the arm should have recovered in time for Greenland later in the summer as to miss that trip would be annoying.
At least it will give me some time to catch up on some writing.
This picture has nothing to do with my broken arm it just reminds me of great days on the water.