A foggy March day

The forecast was for fog patches drifting up from the French coast, the reality was dense for nearly 7 hours.  With visiting members of the Tower Hamlets Canoe Club the plan was to split in to groups, with one party heading towards the Ecrehous via the Dirioulles whilst another group took a more direct line to the reef.
Visibility was severely limited and although some of us had GPS’s on the deck we had worked out the bearing using the traditional method of drawing tidal vectors, which gave us the bearing to follow.  It was particularly satisfying after nearly 6nm in such restricted visibility the houses of Marmotier popped up when we were only about 40 metres away.
It was a memorable days sea kayaking although somewhat disappointing for our English visitors that they were unable to see the views of the reef.  At least it gives them an excuse, if they need one, to return.
As usual lunch was at the bench but it was no lying around in the sun today.  Text communication with my daughter revealed that about 6 miles away she was basking in warm spring sunshine.
 Looking north along the tombolo.
Looking north through the houses.
Above shows the view towards Maitre Ile, whilst the view below is a photo taken from the same location on a slightly more pleasant day.