A Foggy Inconvenience

One of the downsides of living on an island is that sometimes we are inconvenienced due to factors which are completely outside our control.  Today in Jersey and all over the UK thousands of travelers, who are hoping to get to or from the Channel Islands, are affected by that old adversary of the sea kayaker, Advection Fog.  
The warm air which has been bathing certain areas of Britain in warm sunshine has resulted has resulted in travel chaos in Jersey.  No flights have landed in Jersey for over 48 hours and apart from a few flights when the aircraft were in position there have been no departing flights since Wednesday. 
This evening I should have been on my way to Barcelona, with my daughters, to run in the half marathon on Sunday morning, as it is I think we will have to go paddling in Jersey this weekend.  
Do not underestimate the impact of Advection Fog.
 Not a sign of Corbiere
 Looking back towards the German tower.  Contrast this view with the ones taken on Monday.
This is view north towards St Ouens, below is the view that it should have seen.