Milos Training

At the end of October 30 sea kayakers from Jersey are heading to Milos to raise money for two local charities, Jersey Hospice and Centre Point. The participants have been training regularly since the end of April, many having to make the transition from sit on top’s to closed cockpit kayaks.
Today was our first day trip as group and conditions could not have been better. We headed from St Catherines along the north coast of the island, having lunch at Bouley Bay, after a number of the paddlers had been introduced to the delights of tidal races.
On our return we celebrated with ice cream in temperatures approaching 25 degrees, more like the Greek Islands than the Channel Islands in September. What was particularly satisfying was that everybody came away realizing that they were better prepared for the circumnavigation of Milos than they thought.
Approaching Rozel, the first small bay and harbour on the north coast of the island.
It was only a neap tide but there was still a bit of movement at Tour de Rozel.
As the day wore on the conditions just got better and better. Sea kayaking in Jersey can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.