Tour de Rozel

Today was one of the largest tides of the year, creating ideal conditions for sea kayaking so I headed to Tour de Rozel in my new Nordkapp LV.
Low water was 14.28 0.5M 1.8 feet
High water was 20.04 12.1 M 39.7 feet
This produced a tidal range of 11.6 M or 37.9 feet. This was a huge amount of water to move in 5 hours 36 minutes and it was clear that there would be plenty of excitement off the major headlands.
Tour de Rozel is in the north east of the island and in the 2 hours we spent there we were not disappointed. Fast moving tidal streams and complicated wave patterns produced aching shoulders and a memorable afternoon.

Chester heading back to the relative calm of the eddy.
Andy enjoying the speed of his Nordkapp
Pete crossing the inshore stream with the Red Arrows overhead.
This is what sea kayaking is all about! The Ecrehous are visible behind.