Even More Aerial Shots

This is a selection of a few more shots taken from commercial flights, over the last few months. Most show high quality sea kayaking destinations. So don’t forget to pack your camera next time you have a window seat.
Guernsey the second largest of the Channel Islands. Viewed from the east as the aircraft climbed out of Jersey heading towards Gatwick.

Passing overhead Herm (the larger island) and Jethou. Shell Beach is clearly on the left hand side of Herm.
Passing over La Coupe, the north east corner of Jersey. This is frequently the first sight of the island on the way home.
Heading south from Ilulissat to Kangerlussaq after 4 weeks off the west coast of Greenland. There is fresh and salt water in this photo with the ice cap visible in the distance.
Athens viewed from the approach to the airport. This view always means that there is great kayaking in prospect in the next few days.
Serifos, one of the Cyclades group. These islands are viewed when flying towards Milos.
Poole Harbour and Old Harry. Cloud covered the English Channel as we headed south.
More of the Dorset Coast. I haven’t paddled in this area since October 1981, a return visit is long overdue. In fact I am embarrassed to admit that I haven’t paddled in England since 1996!