Lihou Again

I have posted several times about the pleasures of Lihou Island, off the west coast of Guernsey. It is a fascinating place to visit, not just for sea kayaking with a rich history and varied wildlife. At one time it was one of the world’s largest producers of iodine, derived from the burning of the vast quantities of seaweed which wash up at certain times of the year.
The remains of the 12th Century Priory are clearly visible, dues were collected for the mother house of Mont St Michel, in nearby France. The Church was decorated with carved limestone from the Caen region, also in northern France. The Priory has featured on BBC2’s “Meet the Ancestors” programme.
I am looking forward to another 5 days of exploring this intriguing island, by kayak and by foot, next week.
This is the view back to the main house from Lissroy. This is an unusual perspective as access is restricted to this area for most of the year because of nesting birds.
At the back of the house is a small hut which has been renovated with funds donated by the Jersey Canoe Club. Visiting sea kayakers are welcome to stay here.
The crossing to Lihou can be a simple paddle in delightful conditions but when the wind blows and the tide runs it can be a very different seascape.