Warmer Times – Lihou

After numerous visits to Lihou, off the west coast of Guernsey, over the last few years this September’s visit coincided with a period of relatively stable weather. Warm sunshine and light winds contributed to an excellent week on the island. A couple of us kayaked across the relatively narrow channel in perfect conditions.
The house is run by the Lihou Charitable Trust with their warden Richard Curtis. Popular with numerous groups it is important to book the island well in advance. If you are fortunate enough to stay there though you will quickly fall under the spell of this unique island.

The Jersey Canoe Club have a booking for the last weekend in June in 2011 on a neap tide, which is great because the causeway doesn’t dry on neaps so we are guaranteed to have the island to ourselves. All 30 places went within a week, 8 months in advance which is evidence of the attraction of the island.
Looking across the channel from close to L’Eree headland. My first experience of flat calm conditions off Lihou.
Rachel getting ready to depart from L’Eree headland.
Lihou house sleeps up to 30 people and the conservatory has to be one of the finest places to drink morning coffee in the Channel Islands.
Part of the old Priory. Founded in the 12th Century, it was linked to Mont St Michel in northern Brittany.
Off for a evening paddle
Due its location off the west coast of Guernsey, Lihou is exposed to the Atlantic swell. Here a slightly larger swell breaks in the channel between Lihou and Lihoumel.