Milos Paddle

After a number of months training the time for the circumnavigation had arrived. A group who were essentially non -paddlers or sit on top paddlers had transformed themselves into competent sea kayakers.
The aim of the week was to circumnavigate this gem in the southern Cyclades of Greece. All the participants had been set the task of raising a certain amount of money for two local charities back home in Jersey.
The fund raising, in addition to the on-water training, had helped to create a cohesive group so it was with a certain amount of excitement and apprehension that we loaded the kayaks at Paleohori. Ahead lay nearly 50 nautical miles of memorable kayaking.
After about 30 hours traveling it was great to arrive on the island and some of us spent time leaping off the cliffs at Sarakiniko.
Leaving Paliohori on the morning of the first day. I was waiting to do a live broadcast on BBC Radio Jersey so had to remain on the beach for slightly longer than the rest of the team.
The south east coast is particularly memorable because of the variety of colours within the rocks.
The Sulphur Mine on the east coast of the island. In the past I have camped here several times but today it was a short visit for it was a mid-morning break only.
My two daughters, Lisa and Sarah, heading up the east coast. Kayaking is not high on their list of priorities but it was great to spend a few days on the water with them. The island behind is Polyaigos, a memorable island to paddle around.
As this is Milos, no description of kayaking here would be complete without reference to the numerous caves. This one on the east coast was easily able to hold 15 sea kayaks.
Mining is one of the principal industries of the island and there are several loading jetties scattered around Milos.
Due to the light winds we were able to paddle further than anticipated and at the end of the first day landed just to the west of Papafragas’s cave on the north coast of the island. Kimolos is the island behind, which appears to be on fire, a superb paddle.