Milos North Coast

Our second day dawned calm and warm with light winds enabling us to carry on kayaking from where we finished the day before. The distance today was quite short, only 10 nautical miles so there was plenty of time for playing and exploring the finer points of this intricate island.
We initially headed straight out to the Glaronisia Islands which were fantastic for jumping. From there it was a straightforward back to Milos before following the coast. The nature of kayaking here is directly linked to the geology of the area. The white volcanic ash, between Sarakiniko and Mandrakia is relatively easily eroded creating some stunning caves which were easily explored.
Our destination for the day was Plathiena beach which is close to the entrance to Milos harbour. On landing it was back to the hotel to pack because if we were to paddle along the west coast it was going to be necessary to spend at least one night out camping.

Jumping on the small offshore islets of Glaronisia. The name means seagull islands, as numerous pairs breed here during the spring. On this autumunal visit there were very birds in evidence. What there was though was some excellent jumping from above the arch. Basalt columns create a stunning backdrop to cliff jumping.
This ship ran aground off the north coast of the island on 7th December 2003, fortunately without the loss of life. It is interesting to note how it has deteriorated since I first visited the island several years ago.
Approaching Sarakiniko for more jumping. The stunning white rocks are probably the most photographed and well known location on the island.
The small natural harbour at Mandrakia. This is probably the Greece of tourist brochures, white washed buildings and blue seas. Our lunch was taken at the next small harbour at Firopotamos.
Trachilas Stacks are a fascinating place to explore by kayak. This was the only time that the group split during the whole circumnavigation of the island. Some people were eager to visit Arkradia Islands just offshore whereas others were happy to take the more direct route to Platiena where we were to finish for the day.