The Journey to Work

The highest tide of the year provided a beautiful backdrop to the drive to work this morning. The high pressure prevented the water rising as far as predicted but it was still fairly spectacular. For those who have been to Jersey I hope that it stirs favourable memories and if you haven’t remember we are just a short flight away.

Looking towards St Aubins harbour
Luckily there was no swell otherwise it would have breached the coastal defences, flooding the cycle path and nearby roads.
Looking across St Aubins Bay towards Elizabeth Castle, which dominates the entrance to St Helier harbour.
The water in St Helier harbour provides a perfect reflection.
The entrance to St Helier harbour. If it had been low pressure rather high it is possible that the water could have covered the piers. The island looked stunning in the spring sunshine but the size of the tide was the icing on the cake. Who could fail to have a good day at work after seeing scenes like these, though naturally I would rather have been on the water.