Sea Kayak Navigation

This winters sea kayaking navigation courses have proved really popular with local paddlers. The Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning, which is a pre-requisite for the 4 Star (Sea) was run in January and this has been followed by the Open Water Navigation and Tidal Planning.
The more advanced course is more appropriate to many local kayakers because as soon as we head offshore towards the local reefs it is necessary to be able to allow for, at times, significant tidal drift. Laying off a course is second nature to many local sea kayakers.
Completing the courses this early in the year means that many more people are prepared for the months ahead. It is interesting that I have been running navigation classes for about 20 years but it is only in the last few that the participants have been able to receive something concrete for their endeavours. So thanks to the British Canoe Union for introducing the awards.

Paul and John half way between Herm and Alderney
Kim and Dom heading towards the French Channel Island of Chausey. It necessary to stop off on the Minquiers on the way south.
Some of the group discussing their trip, and the lessons learned, when they went to the Ecrehous on the large spring tide the weekend before.