Coasteering Starts

Sea kayaking was off the menu today as we took advantage of the warm weather for the first coasteering session of the season. Gorselands on the south coast of Jersey was selected as the south facing granite cliffs capture the heat more than almost anywhere else on the island.

After the first swim is was a welcome relief to scramble over some rocks to the next jumps. As soon as I hit the water I regreted leaving the neoprene gloves in the car.
Early in the season we mainly stuck with the lower jumps as our technique was somewhat rusty.
The helmets helped to prevent severe ice cream head. Pete didn’t suffer at all as he was the only member of the group with a neoprene hood.
A simple swim across the gully before scrambling around the headland to the next jumping location.
Scrambling along to the jumping spot. Corbiere lighthouse is behind and to the right of the jumpers. The anticipated sunshine hadn’t materialized at this point.
This is one of the safest low water jumps on the south coast. The flat topped rock provides a safe jumping platform and the water is deep. From here it was a simple swim across the bay and a scramble up the cliffs to the cars.

It was good to get in the water again after the winter months but the sea temperature has a long way to go before we are able to comfortably spend several hours exploring the stunning Jersey coastline at sea level.