Gourmet Sea Kayaking

Once a month during the winter season the Jersey Canoe Club arranges a gourmet paddle, by sea kayak, to a local pub for Saturday lunch. Living on an island it is always possible to find somewhere with suitable water conditions and a welcoming eating house. Although we don’t always need an excuse it is a great reason to get on the water. Conditions do vary though as shown by last winters offering.

Rounding St Catherines Breakwater, we crossed Fliquet Bay, heading towards the north east corner of the island. The white building is one of the earliest Jersey Round Tower’s probably built between 1781 and 1787.
Once on the north coast it was necessary to pass the small harbour at Rozel. Its small pier built in 1829 to take the over spill of oyster fishing boats which couldn’t be accommodated at Gorey.

O.K. I know that James Bond did it first but I have always wanted to arrive on a beach and remove my dry suit to reveal a slightly higher standard of dress than what is normally associated with kayakers.
The Black Dog at Bouley Bay was the selected eating house. A great lunch was enjoyed by all.
The return to St Catherines was assisted by a gentle westerly wind. Tour de Rozel which is one of the most popular tidal races on the island with sea kayakers was reasonable quiet today.

This is the second year that we have run the winter sea kayaking and eating season and I am certain that it won’t be the last.