Stand up Paddleboard
To take advantage of the first week day evening after the clocks switched to British Summer Time, we headed down to Petit Port, a reef break just to the north of Corbiere, to take play on the swell.  My paddling partner was Chester from Absolute Jersey who is considerably more competent than me, its always good to know that there will be somebody looking out for you!
It was only my third go on a SUP but I feel that as sea kayaker I have a number of the skills necessary to control the board, for example, being able to J-stroke but I lack the ability to move my feet around with any degree of confidence.  Its something to work on.
I did manage to catch a number of waves but next time I head out on the boards it might be better to choose a non-surfing venue and get some miles in.

Paddling out at the start of the session.  The breaking wave at the front is the normal Petit Port break, used by surfers when the tide is higher.

 Climbing back on after catching the previous wave.  I didn’t make it through the break!
If you haven’t tried stand up paddleboarding then look for an opportunity  during the coming months.  It is great fun and surprisingly hard work.  An hour on the board seems to be much harder work than an hour in the gym and its certainly a more pleasant environment in which to train.