The Warmest Day of the Year
It was days like today that make me realize why I live in Jersey. It started with a great session on the sit on tops from St Brelade with a group of students followed by a quick play in the sea kayaks at Tour de Rozel before rushing off to run the last session of the offshore navigation course.
Heading towards the small headland between St Brelade and Beauport. St Brelades Bay has just been voted the 6th most beautiful beach in Britain.
Beauport Beach, one of the most beautiful on the island.
Heading across Beauport. Pt Le Fret is behind.
The weather was so great that it would have been rude not to do some small jumps. The water has warmed up surprisingly fast over the last 12 days.
The pleasures of sit on top paddling at St Brelade was followed by a quick drive across the island to grab an hours play in the tide race at Tour de Rozel. Unfortunately we were a bit late and had missed the best of the conditions.
Pete taking a rest in the eddy behind one of the rocks.
It would have been impossible to fit anything else the day and the fact that it was the warmest 6th April ever recorded made it all the more enjoyable.