Positive Thoughts
On Sunday morning I updated the site before noticing that all of the posts of the last 6 years had disappeared.  After a little help from Peter in Australia I managed to locate a number of the posts and managed to re-instate a number of the pages.  This was extremely frustrating to say the least but things took a slightly more frustrating turn when with a bit of investigative analysis I discovered that the site had been accessed from France and somebody had maliciously deleted all my work of the the last few years.
What is interesting that it was possible to find out how they had discovered the site, where they live (within a radius of a couple of kilometres) and the unique identification of their computer, plus some other bits and pieces.
It is sad to think that some people have nothing better to on Saturday nights than spend time trying to destroy other peoples work and what a waste of talent.
This is a site about sea kayaking though and so here are a few pictures to remind us why we go paddling rather than spending our time trying to destroy other peoples work.  Family, friends and the environment.

 Chester at Tour de Rozel
 The family having circumnavigated Milos
 Katie in a storm bound Uags bothy
 The Ecrehous in June, where is better?
 Disko Bay, Greenland
Jersey Canoe Club trip around Herm.