Spring Tides This Week
This week sees some of the largest tides of the year, with significant amounts of water moving around the island.  Wednesday in particular promises to be pretty entertaining for both the casual observer and sea kayaker.
The basic facts are as follows:
High Water:  19.57  39.3 feet  12 metres
Low Water:   02.45   1.7 feet  0.5 metres
This translates to a tidal range of 37.6 feet or 11.5 metres, which is pretty substantial.
Using the 12ths rule this means that in the 3rd and 4th hours of the tidal sequence there is 1.89 inches of vertical movement every minute for the whole two hours, the water will just be flowing up the beach with not inconsiderable speed, an amazing sight to see.
I am certain that many locals will be heading out low water fishing but I am sure that a number of sea kayakers, myself included will be heading for the tidal races, particularly Tour de Rozel.
 High water at St Brelade’s Bay, it is normally possible to walk to the pier along the beach.  In some places off the south east corner of the island at low water the sea will have retreated nearly 2 miles, exposing a unique littoral environment.
If there is any swell there is the potential for significant flooding along the south coast and at St Ouens, fortunately Magic Seaweed is predicting 2 feet or less of swell for Monday.
What there will be plenty of opportunity for is playing in the tidal races, particularly off the north coast.  Light winds and high temperatures can only enhance the paddling possibilities.