Herm Again

Herm has to be one of my favourite Channel Islands and it holds many attractions for the sea kayaker.  Just a couple of miles off the east coast of Guernsey but separated by significant tidal flows it is always an entertaining paddle.  These are just a selection of the photographs taken on my three visits so far this year.

When crossing the Little Russel from Guernsey it is worth keeping an eye open for some of the other maritime traffic.  Guernsey does attract some large vessels such as the Queen Elizabeth.  Just north of the ship is the location of the tidal diamond described in an earlier post.
Heading along the north coast of the island in delightful conditions.  The Humps are stretching away to the north, great sea kayaking but out thoughts were focused elsewhere this particular day.
On the small hill known as Le Petit Monceau is a statue by Antony Gormley.  It appeared in March 2010 and is visible from some distance away when approaching the island.
 Another piece of art work has appeared close to the harbour, greeting the thousands of visitors to the island.  By Ev Meynell, this 5 metre tall piece, is called “In Flight”
 For most sea kayakers the main attraction of Herm is the quality of the paddling.  Here we are heading south along the famous Shell Beach.  A memorable day.
Looking up the east coast.  Belvoir Bay is the first beach with Shell Beach slightly further away.