St Brelade to Corbiere

My first experience of sea kayaking was at St Brelade’s Bay in 1969 and in the following 42 years I have spent very little time living outside the parish so the bay is still my local paddling area.  I decided that today was the day to get out of work on time and make use of the superb weather and the spring tide.
It is only a 4 mile return paddle but there are numerous places to interest sea kayakers, both historically and geographically.  The south facing cliffs often have a Mediterranean feel and as the sun sets the colours change dramatically to produce a memorable landscape.  I have been paddling along this stretch of coast for over 40 years but I never get bored with this continually changing environment.

 Heading out of St Brelades Bay.  Pt Le Fret is the obvious headland, with La Cotte de St Brelade to the left.
 Beauport, one of the islands most beautiful bays.
 Gorselands Gully, this is my favourite place on the island to swim, the coasteering along this section of coast is superb.  At the rear of the gully is a large blow hole which was used as a dump for cars and other vehicles in the last.  Fortunately we now live in more enlightened times and the environment receives greater protection.
 Chockstone Traverse, a classic V Diff climb, runs up the left hand side of the main nose on the cliff.  It received its first ascent in the early 1960’s by John Hunt of Everest fame.  As far as I am aware it is his only first ascent on the Island. 
 This is the site of the islands desalination plant, which was built in the 1970’s to help address the islands water shortage.  Due to the decrease in the number of tourists it is rarely used now.  Located in a quarry whose rocks were used for part of the Thames Embankment in London.
The distinctive German Tower at Corbiere.  It used to be the location of Jersey Radio (Coast Guard) but today it is possible to rent it out from Jersey Heritage, a unique residential experience. 
 Corbiere marked my turning point.  First lit in the 1870’s its light is visible from 18 miles away.  In my opinion the most beautiful lighthouse in the world, but then I am biased.
 If I had to be a painter how much more exciting would it be to land on this rock and to paint it white, compared to somebodies living room.  Jument Rock is a navigation mark.
 Heading back towards St Brelade.  Pt La Moye is the largest headland along this stretch of coast.
Within the hour we had cycled down to Corbiere to have a pint and watch the sun set on another great day.