Records Broken
On a day when record October temperatures were set, we managed to experience some of the finest kayaking Jersey has to offer.  Heading east from St Brelade’s the granite cliffs looked stunning in the warm sunshine.  There was a constant stream of small, mainly fishing boats, making the most of what was possibly the last warm weekend of the year.
Lunch was on St Aubin’s Fort before jumping on the last of the west going tide, to get an assisted ride back to St Brelade’s.  Paddling doesn’t get much more relaxing than this.
 Heading into Portlet, a beautiful bay on the south coast of the island.
 Heading west underneath Noirmont.  The German fortifications dominate the headland.  This is probably the key headland on the island for migrating birds in the autumn with significant numbers of birds and species logged here.
 Paddling past Portlet and the start of Pt Le Fret.  It is amazing that on an island where it is stated so openly that the coastline must be protected such a significant residential development has been allowed on the cliffs above Portlet.
 Heading back into St Brelade.  Above Rachel’s head is La Cotte de St Brelade