40th Anniversary Dinner – Jersey Canoe Club

The 40th Anniversary Dinner, commemorating the foundation of the Jersey Canoe Club is almost upon us.  Tomorrow evening well over 100 past and present members are celebrating the variety of paddling which has been undertaken by its members over the last 40 years.  It promises to be a really good evening.

 Paddling down the Allagash in northern Maine.  In the early to mid 1990’s quite a few families were involved in open canoe trips either in the UK or further afield.
 Leaving the beach near Carteret, Normandy on the 15th July 1989.  The exact date is know because the previous day we had run the gauntlet of French maritime law and paddled to France to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille.  It was a pretty memorable night.
 Derek Hairon, who now runs Jersey Kayak Adventures paddling a canoe on the Roches de Diable in southern Brittany in April 1983.  At that time it was pretty unusual to see open canoes being used on white water in Europe
Jersey Canoe Club
 Paddling often involved messing around in small kayaks and when plastic kayaks such as the Mirage came into general use there were endless possibilities for fun.
Jersey Canoe Club
 John Bulmer quickly demonstrating his ability to empty a kayak on his Senior Instructor assessment in the early 1980’s.
Our first trip to Greenland.  1993 heading around the outside of the ice coming out of the ice fjord at Ilulissat.  We had just paddled over 300 nm from Sisimiut.