30th Wedding Anniversary

After 30 years of marriage we decided to celebrate by heading across the Atlantic to one of our favourite cities, New York and no visit to the Big Apple is complete without a paddle.
From New York Kayak Co. at Pier 40 we crossed to the New Jersey shore and headed downstream on the last of the tide to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  The warm sunshine and light winds combined to create almost ideal kayaking conditions, and it certainly was a great way to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary

 Approaching Ellis Island.  In common with the Statue of Liberty there is an exclusion zone around the Island, which is indicated by white buoys.   Do not encroach on the islands as there is generally a swift response from the security services
 New buildings arising from the site of the original World Trade Centre dominate the views of Lower Manhattan
 Lisa and Sarah don’t paddle that much so a double was the ideal kayak.  In the distance is the Verazzano Narrows bridge, beyond which lies the open ocean.
 There can be few more dramatic locations, in a made made landscape, to paddle in a kayak, than just off the Statue of Liberty.
 When circumnavigating the Island just make sure that you don’t approach too closely and remember to remain vigilant because of the number of ferries and tourist boats found in the area.
Approaching Manhattan, on the return journey.  The choppy waters are all the result of the boat traffic on the Hudson.  There are no beaches, only concrete walls, so there is no absorption of the energy in the waves, they just bounce back from the wall, at times creating quite entertaining conditions.
Almost back at Pier 40 after a memorable few hours on the water.