3 Star Sea Kayak

Sunday proved to be a reasonably pleasant day for the first 3 Star course that I had arranged this year. As part of a six hour paddle from St Brelade to the east, conditions were fairly co-operative. A small tidal race in the morning allowed us to look at a skills, a sandy lunch spot was perfect for looking at kit and considering navigation and the sun obliged by coming out in time for the wet section of the award.
All in all a very enjoyable start to April.

It was interesting paddling past Noirmont, as for some reason we nearly always paddle past it at high water. The low water view was a totally different perspective.
Portlet was selected as the location for the wet activities, and as if on cue the sun came out! The new residential development on the hillside behind does spoil the view somewhat.
Pt Le Fret is an underestimated headland, exposed to the westerly swell conditions can frequently be challenging but today it was relatively comfortable paddling at the base of the cliffs.
Crossing Ouaisne. The cliff above the bow of the kayak is La Cotte de St Brelade