A Grey Day

For the first visit of the year to the Ecrehous we selected a day with very little wind but also lacking in colour.  A complete contrast to the more colourful days of summer. for example our last visit in September.
The great thing about visiting the Ecrehous in the winter is the lack of other visitors, one local boat was just getting ready to leave when we arrived and after they left we had this delightful corner of the Parish of St Martin to ourselves for nearly 3 hours.

A Sandwich Tern flew past as we were leaving, a bird more usually associated with warmer times and hopefully and indicator of some pleasant days ahead so that we will be able to head out to Ercehous again, before too long

Heading north along the west coast of Maitre Ile.  Although it is the largest island of the reef people rarely land there because of the nesting birds, including a large cormorant colony.
Lunch was in the shelter of the buildings as opposed to being on the bench, the obvious choice on warmer visits.
 Although it wasn’t a particularly large tide the shingle bank was still breached by the tide.  This photograph clearly illustrates the lack of colour, the kayaks being the only highlight.
The view north from the bench.  The line of breaking waves, in the distance, is an indication of the large swell which was running.
Looking south towards Marmotier.  During the summer months this area would be a hive of activity
Jersey is hidden by the low cloud, which had dominated the day.  Landfall is still over an hour away.